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DiSC Assessment

Workplace Motivators

What are your workplace motivators?

What are your workplace motivators? (Image janineomg via Flickr)

Workplace Motivators provides an assessment for people on why they behave the way they do at work.

It assists in gaining an understanding of what motivates and drives them.

What is your primary motivation and passion at work?

Did you know there are six typical motivations and passions?

By understanding these motivations and passions, you can start unlocking your potential and aligning your internal drive with your goals.

Here they are.

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Why DiSC Assessment?

Predicting behaviour

Predicting behaviour in people (Image Eva Blue via Flickr)

DiSC is an tool that provides a determinant of human behaviour and “How People Act”.

It provides an interpretation of peoples “Natural” style versus their “Adaptive” style.

It is a simple way for people to understand their behaviour, others’ behaviour and learn to adapt their communication style to improve interpersonal and professional  relationships.

This can assist not only individuals in learning to understand and adapt their behaviour but for managers to understand their staff and differing communication styles, and to assist in addressing possible areas of conflict or lack of or non performance.

It is a valuable first step in identifying training needs and requirements of staff and management.

Overall, there are four main behaviour styles. Would you like to know what they are?

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