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Workplace Motivators

Knowledge of an individual’s values help to tell us WHY they do things. A review of an individual’s

experiences, references, education and training help to tell us WHAT they can do. Behavioral

assessments help to tell us HOW a person behaves and performs in the work environment. The

Workplace Motivators report measures the relative prominence of six basic interests or values (a

way of valuing life):

The Drive for

Theoretical Knowledge

Utilitarian/Economic Money

Aesthetic Form and Harmony

Social/Altruistic Helpfulness

Individualistic/Political Power

Traditional/Regulatory Order

Values help to initiate one’s behavior and are sometimes called the hidden motivators because they

are not always readily observed. It is the purpose of the report to help illuminate and amplify some

of those motivating factors and to build on the strengths that each person brings to the work


Based on your choices, the report ranks your relative passion for each of the six values. A

knowledge of an individual’s values help to tell us why they do what they do. By measuring values,

we uncover some of these motivators and can identify strengths that make each person unique

within an organization. Values initiate or drive our behavioral style.


The report has:

A section for each of the six Values dimensions in these categories: General Characteristics;

Value to the Organization; Keys to Managing and Motivating; Training, Professional

Development and Learning Insights; Continuous Quality Improvement.

A Norms and Comparisons section that reveals where your values are compared to the national


A Values Graph

A Values Wheel

A Values Action Plan for affirming strengths and encouraging growth and development.

A Team Building Summary to facilitate sharing selected information with others.

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