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This Qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in wholesale operations with the need to apply discretion and judgement. Work would be undertaken in various wholesale settings, such as trade, building, furniture, parts and equipment suppliers. Individuals may have some responsibility for others and provide or hold specific coordination or support responsibilities within the team.

Units of Competency                                                                        

C = Core  E = Elective                                                                                                          

  SIRWSLS003A  Optimise customer and territory coverage                                                   

C   SIRXCCS006A   Maintain business to business relationships                      

C   SIRXSLS004A   Build relationships with customers                                                         

E   ICTCC320A        Use multiple information systems

E   SIRWSLS002A  Build sales relationships

E   SIRWSLS004A Process product and service data

E   SIRWSLS005A Analyse and achieve sales targets

E   SIRWSLS006A Build sales of branded products

E   BSBSPRO401A Develop product knowledge

E   BSBSLS402A Identify sales prospects

Qualification Overview

RTO: Performance Edge Systems Pty Ltd

RTO Number: 90068  

 Training Package: SIR07 Retail Services Training Package

Qualification: SIR30307 Certificate in Wholesale

Packaging Rules:

Ten units of competency are the minimum required for this qualification. Units of competency were selected following the “Qualification Rules” provided in the SIR07 Training Package.

Total Number of Units: 10

Core Units: 3

Elective Units: 7


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