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 This qualification reflects the role of the individuals who use well developed business sales skills and a broad knowledge base in a wide variety of business sales contexts. They apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems, and analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources. They may provide leadership and guidance to others and have limited responsibility for the output of others, however they typically report to a more senior business sales practitioner.

Units of Competency                                                                        

C = Core  E = Elective 

C   BSBOHS407A  Monitor a safe workplace

E   BSBPRO401A  Develop product knowledge

E    BSBREL402A   Build client relationships and business networks

E   BSBSLS402A  Identify sales prospects

E   BSBSLS403A  Present a sales solution

E   BSBSLS404A  Secure prospect commitment

E   BSBSLS405A  Support post sales activities

E   BSBSLS406A  Self-manage sales performance

E   BSBRES401A Analyse and present research information

E   BSBITU306A  Design and produce business documents

Qualification Overview

RTO: Performance Edge Systems Pty Ltd

RTO Number: 90068  

 Training Package: BSB07 Business Services Training package

Qualification: BSB40607 Certificate IV in Business Sales

Packaging Rules:

Ten units of competency are the minimum required for this qualification. Units of competency were selected following the “Qualification Rules” provided in the BSB07 Training Package.

Total Number of Units: 10

Core Units: 3

Elective Units: 7





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