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This qualification reflects the role of individuals who take the first line of management in a wide range of organisational and industry contexts. They may have existing qualifications and technical skills in any given vocation or professions, yet require skills or recognition in supervisory functions. Typically they would report to a manager.

At this level frontline managers provide leadership and guidance to others and take responsibility for the effective functioning and performance of the team and its work outcomes.

This strategy is suitable for delivery of a face to face training program and assessment pathway for those seeking a supervisory role or for those already employed in a supervisory role but with no formal qualifications.

 Units of Competency                                                                        

C = Core  E = Elective  

C   BSBMGT401A  Shoe leadership in the workplace

C   BSBMGT402A  Implement operational plan

C   BSBOHS407A  Monitor a safe workplace

C   BSBWOR402A  Promote team effectiveness

E   BSBHRM402A  Recruit, select and induct staff

E   BSBINN301A  Promote innovation in a team environment

E   BSBWOR401A  Establish effective workplace relationships

E   BSBLED401A  Develop teans and individuals

E   BSBSLS502A  Lead and manage a sales team 

E   BSBMGT403A  Implement continuos improvement                                                                                                      

 Qualification Overview

RTO: Performance Edge Systems Pty Ltd

RTO Number: 90068  

 Training Package: BSB07 Business Services Training Package

Qualification: BSB40807 Certificate IV in Frontline Management

Packaging Rules:

Ten units of competency are the minimum required for this qualification. Units of competency were selected following the “Qualification Rules” provided in the BSB07 Training Package.

Total Number of Units: 10

Core Units: 4

Elective Units: 6




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