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Are you new to Sales Management or would like to enhance the skills you already have?

The Sales Manager can be the  Most Important Single Determinant of overall sales results in a company. A World Class Sales Force needs a World Class Manager. The Most Profitable, Highest Selling Companies have the Best Salespeople working with the Best Managers.

This course will provide you with the benefits and skills to:

Recruit Better Sales people and Get them up to Speed Faster

Have Better Organisation of Sales Territories and Greater Predictability of Sales Results

Better Coaching, Counselling and Skill Development and be More Effective at Managing, Motivating, Delegating and Supervising

Better Communication Skills, More Effective Meetings, Better Problem Solving and Decision Making

Have Highly Motivated Salespeople Committed to Getting Sales Results.


The Pivotal Skill and Managing and Leading                                                         

Planning for Success and The Sales Plan

Recruiting Sales People and Interviewing and Selection                          

Communicating for Results and Motivating Salespeople

Effective Delegation and Strategy and Positioning

Sales Training and The Winning Team

Territory Management and Sales Supervision

Skills Coaching and Key Accounts

Communication Channels and Sales Meeting                                                         

Performance Appraisals and the Problem Salesperson

High Performance Management and Time Management Skills

Leading in Action and Pushing to the Front

The Role of the Sales Manager is the Vital link between sales planning and sales results. All Improvement in the sales force begins with improvement in Sales Management. This course for Sales Managers will give your sales team the “Winning Edge”.

Call or email us today to find out how we can help you or your manager to get the results from staff that ensure sales results are higher and more dependable.


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