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Would you like to be King or Queen of your day and your work and personal life? Do you have trouble juggling all of your responsibilities? Are feeling stressed and need to get your life under control?

Do you have a lack of ME Time?  

Would you like to Double your Productivity, Performance and Output?

We can help you to:                                                                                     

Decide exactly what you want

Determine your most important goals

Set Priorities in each area of your life

Unlock your mental powers

Focus on your most valuable tasks

Eliminate low-value, no-value activities

Apply “Zero Based Thinking” to every area of your life

Downsize, delegate or eliminate non-essential work

Double your productivity and double your free time

Time Management is really management of your life. It is the ability to determine the sequence of events: What you do first, second and what you do not do at all.


Personal Goal Setting                                                                                      


Diamond Mining

Four Ways To Increase Your Productivity

Zero- Based  Thinking

Identify Your Special Talents and Abilities

Time Allocation Exercise

Constraint Analysis

Six Steps To Simplification

Decision Making

Action Planning

In this ONE DAY workshop you will learn how to apply the most important personal management principles to every day of your life. The goal of EAT THAT FROG is to enable you to double your productivity, performance and output.


Welcome to Zenith NT, we specialise in training employers and employees to manage their time better, reduce stress and increase overall efficiency.

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