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You do not have to go all the way to Fort Lauderdale to undertake effective Sales Training.  Are you new to Sales and would like to learn how to have clear written goals, a detailed plan, and an organised schedule of activities to follow each day?
This program will improve your performance and output by providing you with  a complete strategic plan for the sales period ahead. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. The exercises are aimed at the specifics of you achieving your sales goals on schedule.


Benefits of the Program

Gain Greater Clarity of Goals 
Have  Better Personal Management Skills
Have Clear Priorities Among Prospects and Customers
Detailed Plans of Activities and a Blueprint for Sales Effectiveness
A Greater Sense of Control and Personal Power
Increased sales and Increased Profits


Personal Strategic Planning

Values and Vision                                                                                                                                       

Sales Training That Works

Personal Mission Statement

Situation Analysis

Company Analysis

Market Analysis


Goals and Objectives

Strategy and Plans

Personal Business Planning

Each sales person emerges from this ONE -ONE and a HALF day program with Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Plans and Activities for the days, weeks and months ahead. Each Sales Target is defined in terms of calls, proposals, presentations and sales cycles.

It is designed to be Tailored to the specific salesperson, company, customer and product.

Call or email us today for further details on how we can help increase you or your staffs Sales and Profit Margins.



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