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Workplace Motivators

What are your workplace motivators?

What are your workplace motivators? (Image janineomg via Flickr)

Workplace Motivators provides an assessment for people on why they behave the way they do at work.

It assists in gaining an understanding of what motivates and drives them.

What is your primary motivation and passion at work?

Did you know there are six typical motivations and passions?

By understanding these motivations and passions, you can start unlocking your potential and aligning your internal drive with your goals.

Here they are.

The six typical motivations and passions

Here are the motivations and passions most common among humans:

Theoretical: A need to understand systems and the truth.

Utilitarian: A need to gain money for the time and resources you have invested in.

Aesthetic: A need for all things beautiful, form and harmony.

Social: A need to improve society.

Individualistic: A need to be a leader in your own way.

Traditional: A need to find a higher purpose in life.

We all have values and attitudes that have been learned via our families or life experiences. These values and beliefs often change with time and maturing. By understanding what our primary motivations are, we can gain an understanding of why we do the things we do and what the causes of conflict are for us.

By understanding our motivations we can clarify how we behave in our work place and with clients, customers and colleagues. This understanding can assist us to recognise the way other people behave and to adjust out communication techniques to be more effective and productive.

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